BCD 2018

110 3.3 METAL , WOOD & GLASS continued WOOD CARVERS ◾ ◾ SARAH GOSS Based in Midhurst, West Sussex Tel 07941 000448 Email hello@sarahgoss.co.uk www.sarahgoss.co.uk TRADITIONAL WOODCARVING : Covering West Sussex and Hampshire, Sarah Goss specialises in providing bespoke hand carved items ranging from lettering and relief decoration to producing architectural details such as corbel brackets and gilded ornaments. With experience of working in situ as well as from her workshop in Midhurst, she hand carves both classical and modern designs using traditional methods and materials. Restoration, oil and water gilding are also undertaken. Sarah Goss is an INTBAU Young Practitioner and a graduate of the Prince’s Foundation Building Craft Apprenticeship. ◾ ◾ SWAN FARM STUDIOS LTD The Jackfield Tile Museum, Church Road, Jackfield, Ironbridge, Shropshire TF8 7AP Tel 07815 605540 Email info@alanlamb.co.uk www.swanfarmstudios.co.uk WOOD CARVERS : See also: display entry in Interiors Consultants & Conservators, page 158. TIMBER SUPPLIERS Pg as bt ti tp Antique Bronze Ltd 122 tp Antique Buildings Limited 130 as ti tp Artisan Plastercraft Ltd 166 bt Babylon Tile Works 86 bt Best Reclamation 130 as tp Bosence & Co 38 bt Cambridge Traditional Products Ltd 113 ti Chalk Down Lime Ltd 138 bt ti Cornish Lime Company Ltd 138 bt Dolmen Conservation Ltd 62 bt ti Mike Wye & Associates Ltd 139 bt Old House Store Ltd 130 bt ti tp Sutton Timber 113 ti tp Vincent Reed Conservation & Restoration Ltd 170 tp Weald & Downland Living Museum 113 ti Weldon Contracts Limited 171 ti tp Whippletree Hardwoods 113 bt ti tp Womersley’s Limited 139 bt KEY Timber suppliers as architectural salvage bt battens, lath & pegs ti timber suppliers tp timber & parquet flooring C AT H E D R A L COMMU N C I AT I O N S C E L E B R AT I N G T W E N T Y F I V E Y E A R S O F T H E B U I L D I N G CO N S E R VAT I O N D I R E C TO R Y 1 9 9 3 – 2 0 1 8 GLASS Pg 1 2 Others Barley Studio Ltd 118 sg wg gp ll Building Conservation (UK) Ltd 57 sg gp Building Maintenance (Wales) Ltd 57 sg gp C J L Designs 118 sg gp ll C S C Window Films & Blinds Ltd 122 so The Cathedral Studios 118 sg Clement Windows Group 120 ll D B R Conservation 156 sg The Fine Iron Company 124 gp Guild Architectural Restoration Ltd 63 sg ef Hawkscroft Ltd 114 sg wg Heritage Project Contracts 123 ef ll Heritage Project Management 40 ef ll Holdsworth Windows Ltd 114 wg ll Ion Glass Limited 117 bg Jim Budd Stained Glass 118 sg ll John Corley Stained Glass Studio 118 sg The London Crown Glass Company 116 wg Nick Bayliss (Architectural Glass) Ltd 118 sg ll Norgrove Studios Ltd 116 sg wg gp ll Peter Neale Blacksmiths 124 gp Recclesia Stained Glass 119 sg wg ef gp ll Rosewood Ltd 69 sg Salisbury Cathedral Stained Glass 119 sg ll Sash Restoration Company 116 wg Steve Sherriff Stained and Leaded Glass Specialists 119 sg gp ll Surrey Leaded Lights 122 sg wg ll T I Jones Building & Masonry 72 sg Tatra Glass (UK) 116 sg wg ll Tec Glass Ltd 121 sg wg ll Universal Stone Limited 108 sg The York Glaziers Trust 119 sg KEY Metalwork 1 sg stained glass 2 wg window glass (clear) Other ef etched or frosted glass gp glass protection ll leaded lights bg structural glass so solar protection FINE JOINERY & CABINET MAKING Pg bn cb jo jp jw wc Antique Buildings Limited 130 jo jw Architectural Bronze Casements 120 jo B M S Group 55 jw Between Time Ltd 56 jo wc Building Conservation (UK) Ltd 57 jo Building Maintenance (Wales) Ltd 57 jo Busby’s Builders 58 jo jw Clough Harris Limited 156 jo Country House Renovations Limited 58 jo D B R London 60 jo Daedalus Conservation 62 jo Dolmen Conservation Ltd 62 jo Dunne and Co Building & Restoration 63 jo Eastern Heritage Restorations Ltd 62 jw Sarah Goss 110 wc Grosvenor Construction Ltd 62 jo H A Briddon Ltd 63 jo jw Hall Construction Limited 63 jo Heritage Building & Conservation Ltd 63 jo J P Ladell Ltd 64 jo J S Stonemasonry Ltd 104 bn Luard Conservation Limited 157 jo jp wc McNamara & Co 104 jo Owlsworth I J P 66 jo wc Period Property Solutions Building Conservation Ltd 67 jo jw R J Smith & Co 67 jo jw Romark Interiors 160 cb jp wc Sash Restoration Company 116 cb Stone Edge Limited 113 jo Stonewest Limited 70 cb jo Superscan 3D 14 wc Swan Farm Studios Ltd 113 jo Taliesin Conservation 72 jo Timber Windows 115 jo Trendle Conservation 72 jw Underwood & Weston Ltd 107 jo W Thomas Restorations Ltd 153 wc KEY Fine joinery & cabinet making bn banisters cb cabinet making jo fine joinery jp timber panelling jw joinery workshops wc wood carving & turning