BCD 2018

INTERIORS 5 159 C AT H E D R A L COMMU N C I AT I O N S C E L E B R AT I N G T W E N T Y F I V E Y E A R S O F T H E B U I L D I N G CO N S E R VAT I O N D I R E C TO R Y 1 9 9 3 – 2 0 1 8 LISA OESTREICHER ARCH I T ECTURA L PA I NT R E S E ARCH w w w . h i s t o r i c p a i n t . c o m V&A trained specialist in the investig ation and analysis of hi s t o r ic p a i n t e d d e co r ation and other decorative finishes Detailed reports produced to enable informed decisions for conservation, restoration and archaeological documentation Paint research and analysis Site investigations Colour scheme consultancy Archival research Esher Lodge, Chaucer Road, Bath BA2 4QY lisa.oestreicher@historicpaint.com Studio: 01225 466374 Mobile: 07809 014939 ◾ ◾ HIRST CONSERVATION LTD Head office – Laughton, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 0HE Tel 01529 497449 ▪ ▪ London office – 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL Tel 0800 917 8664 Email pa@hirst-conservation.com www.hirst-conservation.com ARCHITECTURAL PAINT RESEARCH OF HISTORIC PAINTED DECORATION AND FINISHES : See also: display entry on the inside front cover and profile entry in Mortars & Renders, page 138. ◾ ◾ MESSENGER The Messenger Centre, Crown Lane, Tinwell, Stamford PE9 3UF Tel 01780 761942 Email mailbox@messengerbcr.co.uk www.messengerbcr.co.uk PAINT RESEARCH : See also: display entry in Building Contractors, page 65. ◾ ◾ LISA OESTREICHER Esher Lodge, Chaucer Road, Bath, Somerset BA2 4QY Tel 01225 466374 Mobile 07809 014939 Email lisa.oestreicher@historicpaint.com www.historicpaint.com ARCHITECTURAL PAINT RESEARCH : Lisa Oestreicher provides a full range of analytical skills and techniques for the study of paint and decorative finishes within historic buildings. These include the identification of pigments and media as well as archival research. Full reports are prepared to provide a detailed insight into the historical development of interior and exterior schemes, for documentation purposes, conservation or accurate restoration. Assistance can also be given in the design and implementation of historically informed interior decoration schemes. Past clients include the National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, architects, conservators and property owners. See also: display entry on this page. PAINT RESEARCH continued