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15th March, 2019

A Place for All Mortars

Charlestown Workshops, Fife

A masterclass that explores the uses of all mortars and the place they have in conservation and construction today.

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30-2 April/May, 2019

Natural Stone Show

ExCel, London

The Natural Stone Show returns, including a RIBA-accredited workshop on the conceptual advantages of stone design.

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30th April, 2019

Conservation, Adaption and Maintenance of the Built Environment

Church House, Westminster Abbey

The Chartered Institute of Building's fifth conference dedicated to the conservation, adaption and maintence of the historic built environment.

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2-4 September, 2019

Monuments in Monuments Stone Conservation Conference

The Engine Shed, Stirling

A conference exploring the conservation of stone structures inside traditional buildings.

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20-22 September, 2019

Lime Finishes and Lime in Extreme Climates

The Engine Shed, Stirling

This years Building Limes Forum conference focuses on the theme Lime Finishes and Lime in Extreme Climates.

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