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28th November, 2017

The Conservation and Repair of Decorative Terracotta

SPAB, 37 Spital Square, London

SPAB Lunchtime CPD Session

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6th December, 2017

The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance's Big Update

St Albans Conference Centre, London

Topics for the HRBA's Big Update include The Big Lottery, recent developments in Scotland and Wales, and a look at churches in Liverpool

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19th February, 2018

Day Conference: The Forests of Essex

Gilwell Park Conference Centre

Day conference exploring the cultural and natural heritage of the forests of Essex

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17th March, 2018

Interpreting Medieval Monuments: Iconography and Meaning

London School of Economics

Church Monuments Society conference with a focus on how sculptors intended their work to be read or experienced

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14-18 May, 2018

SPAB Repair of Old Buildings Course

St Andrews Holborn, London

SPAB intensive five-day programme of lectures and visits to building repair projects

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21-23 June, 2018

IHBC Annual School 2018

Belfast, tbc

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation's Annual School incorporating the Day School on Friday 22 June

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