The Building Conservation Directory 2022

121 C AT H E D R A L COMMU N I C AT I O N S T H E B U I L D I N G CON S E R VAT I ON D I R E C TO R Y 2 0 2 2 GENERAL BUI LDING MATER IALS 3.5 3.5 GENERAL BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL BUILDING MATERIALS SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE BUILDING HERITAGE The best of limes and mortars STASTIER.CO.UK CONSERVE REPAIR RESTORE RENOWNED FOR THEIR EXCELLENCE SINCE 1912 Learn more about our expertise and solutions on GENERAL BUILDING MATERIALS Will you be in it? Contact Cathedral Communications 01747 871717 THE BUI LDING CONSERVATION DIRECTORY 30th EDITION GENERAL SUPPLIERS PAGE Cornerstone 135 Hirst Conservation 135 MikeWye 122 Picreator Enterprises 122 Rose of Jericho 136 Saint-Astier 121