RIBA Conservation Forum 2023: Dealing with Complexity

29th Nov, 2023
Online event

The Forum aims to cast aside the contrived effortlessness that dominates architectural communication to clients and magazines alike to take a deeper look into how architects deal with complexity in investigation and decision making with heritage buildings. Problems produce solutions it is argued, however only if one understands that there is a problem, its nature and the parameters available to overcome it. Through relevant investigation and problem-solving this forum will highlight the importance of both sourcing and citing scientific work to justify your conclusions, or indeed compromises, to clients, conservation officers, building control and under the Building Safety Act 2022, the occupants of the building 30 years hence.
Contact: RIBA
Tel: 020 7307 5355
Website: riba-academy.architecture.com/ilp/pages/description.jsf?menuId=1106#/users/@self/catalogues/150435/courses/1655972/description
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