Wider British World Architecture Online Talk

31st Jan, 2024
Online event

The Victorian era in the Australian colonies was a significant period of population growth, urban expansion and civic building. Gold rushes, notably in the Colony of Victoria in the early 1850s, provided the means for ambitious architecture, and set a high bar for neighbouring colonies establishing their economic and cultural infrastructure and identities. This talk, with Dr Stuart King (senior lecturer in architectural design and history at the University of Melbourne) discusses approaches to nineteenth-century public building in the Australian colonies.
Contact: The Victorian Society
Tel: 0208 994 1019
Email: admin@victoriansociety.org.uk
Website: www.eventbrite.com/e/wider-british-world-architecture-online-talk-series-7-talks-for-6-tickets-741420507697?aff=odcleoeventsincollection&keep_tld=1
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