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The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance is an independent programme run by the Sustainable Development Foundation on behalf of the STBA Steering Group - an alliance of not-for-profit construction, conservation and educational organisations which includes English Heritage, Cadw and Historic Scotland.

Measures to reduce the environmental and energy impact of the existing UK building stock include improving, refurbishing and retro-fitting. Within this context there is an assumption that traditional (pre-1919) buildings - solid wall/permeable construction comprising around 23% of the total UK building stock - perform poorly and consequently require retro-fitting. While radically improving the performance of the traditional built environment is vital and urgent, a considerable lack of knowledge, incomplete data and relevant skills exists in this arena.

An immediate objective of the STBA is to focus on the risks and benefits associated with generic approaches to repair, maintenance and retro-fitting of traditional buildings, in particular those earmarked for the Green Deal packages.

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