Detail of terracotta on Victroria Law Courts, Birmingham
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Cover image ot the 2014 edition of the Building Conservation Directory

Due out in January, the 23rd edition of The Building Conservation Directory brings together the latest expert advice and up-to-date information on craft skills, conservation products and specialist services, as well as course listings, useful contacts and other essential information. A digital version of the 2015 edition is available here.


The following publications are now available as digital flipping books for your PC, tablet or smartphone:

The Building Conservation Directory 2015

Historic Churches 2015



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graph showing steady increase in visitors from 2013 to 2015 now welcomes 80,000 visitors per month – see visitor statistics.

New Articles

Church Lighting

Spot-lit statue of St Michael at the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Chiswick

Artful use of modern lighting systems can give new life to dim church interiors, dramatically accenting statuary or interesting architectural features with spot lighting or using vertical lighting to illuminate whole areas. Lighting designer Mark Sutton Vane weighs up the options, looking at light fittings, control systems and the new possibilities opened up by modern LED lamps.

Conservation and Heritage Statements

Conservation and heritage statements play an important role in the dynamic process of conservation across the UK. Liz Humble explains how they are being used to manage change, enabling the significance and special character of heritage assets to be understood and retained as buildings and sites evolve.


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