Detail of terracotta on Victroria Law Courts, Birmingham
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Cover image ot the 2014 edition of the Building Conservation Directory

The new edition of The Building Conservation Directory brings together the latest expert advice and up-to-date information on craft skills, conservation products and specialist services, as well as course listings, useful contacts and other essential information. A digital version will follow shortly.


The following publications are now available as digital flipping books for your PC, tablet or smartphone:

The Building Conservation Directory 2015

Historic Churches 2015



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graph showing steady increase in visitors from 2013 to 2015 now welcomes 80,000 visitors per month – see visitor statistics.

New Articles

Remote Aerial Survey

Aerial view of roofs and formal gardens

Unmanned aerial systems, or drones, are revolutionising the survey of tall or inaccessible historic structures. Robert Demaus investigates the potential of this exciting new technology in the world of conservation, from drone types and their applications to the key civil aviation regulations.

Stiffness in Timber Floors and Ceilings

Inadequate stiffness in suspended timber floors can result in damage to historic fabric such as plaster ceilings. Structural engineer Jeff Stott looks at the underlying causes, including service notching and the use of undersized joists. His article also highlights the role of dynamic analysis in assessing floors and explores a series of short case studies.


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