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The Building Conservation Directory 2015



Cover image ot the 2014 edition of the Building Conservation Directory

The 21st edition of The Building Conservation Directory brings together the latest expert advice and up-to-date information on craft skills, conservation products and specialist services, as well as full course listings, event details and other essential information. Just click on the cover to read the digital edition.


The following publications are now available as digital flipping books for your PC, tablet or smartphone:

The Building Conservation Directory 2014

Historic Churches 2014




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New Articles

Repairing Clay Buildings

Long-house facade incorporating masonry and compressed clay blocks

Cumbria's clay 'dabbins' have been dwindling over the last century as the craftspeople capable of maintaining them have died out. Here Peter Messenger explores the history, construction and repair of these distinctive buildings.

Shades of Grey

Conservation architect Michael Davies looks at some of the grey areas in current conservation legislation and policy, and argues for greater flexibility and compromise in negotiations between owners and developers on the one hand and local authorities on the other.


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