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The Central Lobby pavement at the Palace of Westminster (Photo: Adam Watrobski/UK Parliament)

Encaustic Tiles at the Palace of Westminster - Adam Watrobski

An insight into the restoration of the Palace of Westminister's heavily worn tile schemes, from initial survey to the production of modern replacement tiles, re-laying of new tiles and piecing in of repairs.

'See sawn' timber surface

Conversion of Structural Timbers - Joe Thompson

Learn how to identify the characteristic surface finishes of pit, mill and see-sawn timber or the distinctive ridged finish of cleft timber. Joe Thompson of Sussex Oak and Iron explains how evolving technologies left their mark on historic construction timber.

Galloway ‘dyke’, Loch Dornal, South Ayrshire (Photo: DSWAPL/N Coombey)

Dry Stone Walling in the 21st Century - Richard Love

Chairman of the Dry Stone Walling Association Richard Love looks at the historic development of dry stone walling, including its many regional variations, and explains the key challenges facing the craft today.

A conservator prepares to abseil down King Alfred’s Tower, Somerset (Photo: Helen Martin, St Ann’s Gate Architects)

CDM Regulations 2015 - Chris Bowes

Chartered architect Chris Bowes reviews the changes to The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and their bearing on conservation projects. The article places particular emphasis on risk management on conservation sites.

Hot limewash with salt on the timber walls of a French Jesuit mission church in Canada

Hot Limewashes and Sheltercoats - Nigel Copsey

Stonemason and building conservator Nigel Copsey looks at the role of hot-mixed limewashes and sheltercoats in modern conservation practice and their advantages over lime putty mixes, including some strange recipes from historic sources.

Hot mixing on site (Photo: Cornish Lime)

Hot-mixed Mortars - Adam Brown

What exactly are hot-limes and should you be using them? Building surveyor Adam Brown unpicks the advantages and limitations of hot-mixed lime mortars for conservation work in an article which ranges from historic precedents to modern applications.

The Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata/Calcutta

Britain's Heritage in India - James Simpson

India's conservation movement is relatively new but it is developing rapidly, driven forwards by an energetic group of Indian conservation architects. James Simpson explores this exciting and critical period for some of the world’s finest cultural heritage.

A pigeon perches on a historic masonry facade

Bird and Bat Guano - Tim Hutton, David Watt and Jenny Brown

Guano can detract from a building's appearance, cause health problems and promote decay. This article explains the sources and effects of contamination, and the principal management and removal procedures.

A Grade II listed barn in West Felton, Shropshire

Barns: Use, Reuse and Misconceptions - Bob Edwards

Barn conversions can turn redundant buildings into much-needed residential properties but they can also destroy historic evidence. Bob Edwards explains the need for thorough recording before development.

Medieval stained glass depiction of a saint at St Mary’s church, Treuddyn, Flintshire

Medieval Stained Glass in North Wales - Martin Crampin

Martin Crampin explores the small but highly significant body of medieval stained glass which survives in the churches of north Wales. His article also provides striking insights into the work of Victorian restorers.



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