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St George and the Dragon mosaic, part of the Royal Artillery Victoria Cross Memorial at the Royal Garrison Church, Woolwich, London

Mosaic Conservation - Kalypso Kampani

Almost destroyed during the Blitz, The Royal Garrison Church, Woolwich retains an important Royal Artillery war memorial. Conservator-restorer Kalypso Kampani details the conservation of the memorial's rare Venetian smalti mosaics.

Martin Coward's gargoyle design for Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral’s New Gargoyles - Oliver Caroe and Liz Humble

Conservation architect Oliver Caroe and archaeologist Liz Humble explain how a group of new gargoyles were commissioned for Ripon Cathedral and how the process has helped to stimulate and support local craft skills.

Brigflatts Meeting House, Yorkshire Dales (Photo: Andrew Green)

Quaker Meeting Houses in Britain - Marion Barter, Ingrid Greenhow and Linda Monckton

Quaker architecture has an understated elegance and simplicity. As this article explains, recent joint research by Historic England and the Religious Society of Friends is extending our understanding of it.

St Bridget’s Church war memorial, West Kirby, Merseyside

Conservation of War Memorial Inscriptions - Frances Moreton and Chris Reynolds

This article from the War Memorials Trust advises on conservation best practice when dealing with war memorial inscriptions, whether incised in stone, carved in relief, inlaid with lead or on plaques.

Tower of St George's, Bloomsbury: modern reproductions of lion and unicorn details removed in the late 19th century

To Restore or Not to Restore? - John Darlington

Whether losses result from gradual decay or sudden and deliberate destruction, as at Palmyra, the ethics of restoration can be contentious. John Darlington of WMF Britain considers whether religious sites should ever be restored to a previous condition.

Earth-bound cobbles at St James the Less, Huish, Devon

Earth Mortars - Tom Morton, Nigel Copsey and Rebecca Little

Earth mortars were more widely used historically than previously realised. Here, three earth-building specialists provide an expert overview of their composition, typical performance and suitable repair techniques.

Wide-angle view of theatre auditorium with ornate plaster ceiling

Maintaining Large Fibrous Plaster Ceilings - Ronnie Clifford

The collapse of a historic plaster ceiling at London's Apollo Theatre in 2013 sent shock waves through the theatre sector. Historic plasterwork specialist Ronnie Clifford considers the resulting inquiry.

Close-up of a traditional jointing tool being guided along a mortar joint in a brick wall

Historic Brickwork: Joint Finishes - Gerard Lynch

Joint finishes can transform the appearance of a historic brick façade. Master brickmason Gerard Lynch looks at the jointing and pointing of historic brickwork, explains the associated craft techniques and curious terminology, and discusses conservation philosophy.

Plant growth on an ornate terracotta tower

High Exposure Mortars - Clare Torney

Conservation scientist Clare Torney investigates mortar mixes for high exposure environments where weathering agents are more aggressive. She considers a range of topics including hot mix lime mortars, temperature control and the impact of additives.

The illuminated facade of the Phoenix Theatre, London

Exterior Lighting Design - Simon Dove

Lighting designs which affect historic buildings require creative solutions to ensure positive and minimal impact on the historic environment. Simon Dove weighs up a range of approaches and technologies, including the use of CGI to simulate completed schemes.




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