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Wide-angle view of theatre auditorium with ornate plaster ceiling

Maintaining Large Fibrous Plaster Ceilings - Ronnie Clifford

The collapse of a historic plaster ceiling at London's Apollo Theatre in 2013 sent shock waves through the theatre sector. Historic plasterwork specialist Ronnie Clifford considers the resulting inquiry and its aftermath.

Close-up of a traditional jointing tool being guided along a mortar joint in a brick wall

Joint Finishes on Historic Brickwork - Gerard Lynch

Joint finishes can transform the appearance of a historic brick façade. Master brickmason Gerard Lynch looks at the jointing and pointing of historic brickwork, explains the associated craft techniques and curious terminology, and discusses conservation philosophy.

Thermal image showing heat loss from the facade of a historic timber framed building

Environmental Performance - Tobit Curteis and Sara Crofts

Adapting historic buildings to new uses carries risks for both fabric and artefacts. This article looks at the importance of thorough impact assessments and the need to build-in mitigation measures from the outset.

An operative in hard hat and safety glasses using a swirling vortex abrasive system

Abrasive Cleaning Methods for Masonry - Jamie Fairchild

Masonry cleaning specialist Jamie Fairchild provides a wide-ranging overview of abrasive cleaning methods for historic masonry, including the different types of abrasive medium and where to use them.

Plant growth on an ornate terracotta tower

High Exposure Mortars - Clare Torney

Conservation scientist Clare Torney investigates mortar mixes for high exposure environments where weathering agents are more aggressive. She considers a range of topics including hot mix lime mortars, temperature control measures and the impact of additives.

An Invincible model floor spring with a pneumatic limiter

Floor Spring Door Closers - Rod Fathers

Often replaced with inferior modern alternatives, automatic door closers are simple and reliable devices which reduce heat loss and have useful safety and security functions. Rod Fathers provides an overview of the main types and how to keep them in use.

The illuminated facade of the Phoenix Theatre, London

Exterior Lighting Design - Simon Dove

Lighting designs which affect historic buildings require creative solutions to ensure positive and minimal impact on the historic environment. Simon Dove weighs up a range of approaches and technologies, including the use of CGI to simulate completed schemes.

Detail of timber surface following application of a chemical poultice

Paint Removal from Historic Timbers - Ben Kirk

Timber framed building specialist Ben Kirk surveys paint removal methods for historic timber, from air abrasive methods like dry ice blasting, to chemical methods such as poultices. His article provides useful insights on how to specify the right method for a particular building.

Robert Adam’s 1767 proposal for decorating the library at Kenwood House

Colour in Georgian Interiors - Edward Bulmer

Edward Bulmer specialises in the redecoration of historic buildings and the creation of historic schemes for new buildings. His article ranges from the cultural context of Georgian architectural classicism to paint analysis and advice on colour selection.

White salt-staining on a large expanse of exterior brickwork

Water in Permeable Building Materials - Robyn Pender

Conservation scientist Robyn Pender explains the often misunderstood mechanisms by which water moves into and through building materials, emphasising the importance of understanding traditional construction.




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