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Cathedral Communications Limited first launched The Building Conservation Directory in 1993 to bring much needed information to owners of historic buildings and their consultants.

The Directory remains unique: it is still the only comprehensive source of information on products and services suitable for the conservation of historic buildings and their surroundings in the UK.

Each edition also provides an excellent range of articles by leading specialists giving practical guidance on important issues.

The Building Conservation Directory is also available as a free digital 'flipping book', which you can read here.

Articles in the 2017 edition

  • Barns: Use, Reuse and Misconceptions – Bob Edwards, Forum Heritage Services
  • Significance and Harm: Balancing Protection and Development – Charlotte Bradbeer and Beth Harries, Historic England
  • Hot-mixed Mortars: Advantages and Limitations – Adam Brown, Cornish Lime Company Ltd
  • The Conservation of Britain’s Heritage in India – James Simpson, Simpson & Brown
  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – Chris Bowes, McGregor Bowes
  • Thatch Fires and the Role of Wood-Burning Stoves – Alison Henry, Historic England and Jim Glockling, Fire Protection Association
  • 19th-century Artificial Stone and Rockwork Simon Swann, Simon Swann Associates Ltd
  • Dry Stone Walling in the 21st Century – Richard Love, Dry Stone Walling Association
  • Lead Fixing for Historic Ironwork – David Field and Adrian Legge, National School of Blacksmithing
  • The Conversion of Structural Timbers – Joe Thompson, Sussex Oak and Iron
  • Hot Limewashes and Sheltercoats – Nigel Copsey, The Earth, Stone and Lime Co
  • Bird and Bat Guano and Its Effect on Conservation and Maintenance – Tim Hutton, David Watt and Jenny Brown, Hutton + Rostron Environmental Investigations Ltd
  • Encaustic Tiles at the Palace of Westminster – Adam Watrobski, Principal Architect, Houses of Parliament
  • Furniture-making Adhesives – Norbert Gutowski, West Dean College
  • Listed Buildings – Jonathan Taylor, Cathedral Communications Ltd

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