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The Building Conservation Directory 2015



Cover image ot the 2014 edition of the Building Conservation Directory

The 22nd edition of The Building Conservation Directory brings together the latest expert advice and up-to-date information on craft skills, conservation products and specialist services, as well as full course listings, event details and other essential information. Both print and digital copies of the 2015 edition will be available at the end of January.


The following publications are now available as digital flipping books for your PC, tablet or smartphone:

The Building Conservation Directory 2014

Historic Churches 2014




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New Articles

Imitation Timber Graining

Graining brushes beside a timber panel with a grained finish

Decorating joinery with imitation wood grain in oil or distemper created the impression that common timber was of a higher quality and added pattern and richness to an interior. Architectural paint researcher Lisa Oestreicher explores the history, tools and techniques of timber graining, a surprisingly common form of embellishment now often hidden beneath later decorative schemes.

Repairing Public Monuments

The underlying reasons behind damage to public monuments can be more complex than straightforward theft or mindless vandalism. Here monuments conservator Lucy Branch examines the motivations and wider context of this kind of heritage crime, and how understanding them can lead to more effective guardianship.


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