Index by Author

Abouzeid, Adam Bird Damage to Historic Buildings
Abrey, Graham Poultices
Adams, John The Building Regulations and Historic Building Requirements: Resolving Conflicts
Adams, Nicola Historic Urban Buildings and their Settings
Addison, John Underpinning
Addyman, Tom Archaeological Investigation and Digital Documentation
Aiers, Peter Documenting Church Conservation and Repair Work
Allen, Jim Cracking
Allen, Nicholas The Georgian Theatre Royal
Allen, Philip Clay Plasters
Alsalloum, Ataa Development in World Heritage Sites
Amery, Colin A Place of Honour: War Memorial Heritage in the United Kingdom
Anderson, Drew Stained Glass and its Decay
Armitage, Stuart The Cast Iron Jigsaw
Arnott, Geoff The Use of Virtual Models of Historic Churches
Arrol, Andrew The Great East Window of York Minster
Arthur, Sarah Heritage Inspired
Artis, Roz Admixtures and Additives for Lime Mortars
Artis, Roz Innovations in Limewash
Artis, Roz Modern Lime
Artis, Roz Mortar Mix Ratios
Ashley, Martin Programming Repairs
Ashley, Martin Sand Cast Leading at Dean's Cloister, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
Ashurst, John Flint and the Conservation of Flint Buildings
Ashurst, Nicola Air/Water Abrasive Cleaning of Stone and Brickwork
Ashurst, Nicola Cleaning Brickwork and Terracotta: Getting it Right
Badham, Sally Monumental Brasses
Baister, Richard Metal Windows
Ballard, George Portland Cement at the Capitol
Ballard, George What Lies Beneath
Bambrough, Mark Aesthetic Protective Glazing
Bargery, Robert The Ethics of Facadism: Pragmatism versus Idealism
Barham, Mike Mortar Analysis: a View from the Lab
Barker, Don Restoration of Antique Wrought Ironwork
Barrett, Rebecca Saving Cemeteries
Barter, Marion Quaker Meeting Houses in Britain
Barton, Tony Early and Vernacular Timber Doors
Bateman, Matt The Cutting Edge
Baxter, Ian What is Heritage?
Beech, Anthony Shellac
Bender, Rodney Brilliant Glass: Brilliant-cut and Acid-etched Glass Decoration
Bennett, Bob Awash with Colour: Limewash as a Decorative and Protective Coating
Bennett, Bob Lime Plaster and Render Reinforcement
Betts, Jonathan Before Big Ben: Pre-Victorian Turret Clocks and their Preservation
Bispham, Joseph Architectural Timber: History and Conservation
Blackney, Keith Cleaning Historic Ironwork for Repainting
Blackney, Keith Painting Historic Ironwork
Boniface, Stephen Mortgage Valuations on Historic Buildings
Boniface, Stephen Clay-tiled Roofs
Bonsall, Nick Complying with UK Wildlife Legislation
Booth, Stephen Measured Building Surveys
Boulting, David Loyd Grossman on The Churches Conservation Trust (interview)
Boulting, David Salvage and Sustainability
Boulting, David Vocational Qualifications: An Overview of Credits and Levels
Bouwens, Dirk Earth Buildings and their Repair
Bowden, Jeanette Sash Window Repair: Still in the Frame
Bowden, Tim Sensible Heating: Balancing Energy Consumption, Comfort and Conservation
Bowdler, Roger The Mausolea & Monuments Trust
Bowes, Chris The CDM Regulations 2015
Bowes, Michael Copper Panel Paintings: The Conservation of a Chancel Scheme
Branch, Lucy Repairing Public Monuments and Sculpture
Brazil, Helena Lincrusta-Walton
Brennan, James Rectified Photography
Bridges, Tim Pods and Pews: Extending the Use of
Briscoe, Rodney Organ Donors
Broadwith, Craig The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act
Broomfield, John The Repair of Reinforced Concrete
Broster, Geoff Infill Panels
Brown, Adam Hot-mixed Mortars: Advantages and Limitations
Brown, Andrew Statements of Significance
Brown, Angus Alarms for Church Roofs
Brown, Angus Metal Theft
Brown, Douglas Insurance for Contractors
Brown, Jenny Bird and Bat Guano and its Effect on Conservation and Maintenance
Brown, Sarah The Great East Window of York Minster
Brown, Sarah Reformation, Iconoclasm and Restoration: Stained Glass in England c1540-1830
Brückner, Michael Historic Window Glass
Buckham, Susan Kirkyard Heritage: Graveyard Conservation in Scotland
Buckingham, Sarah The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act
Bulmer, Edward Colour in Georgian Interiors
Burford-Bradshaw, Chris Building in Safety
Burford-Bradshaw, Chris Design and Access Statements
Burman, Peter A Question of Ethics
Burns, Colin Grouting Solid Masonry Walls
Burton, Neil List It! How to Get a Building Listed
Burrows, Rebecca Liverpool Metropolitan
Bury, Steve Building Pathology: Established and Emerging Technologies
Bussell, Michael 19th-century Structural Ironwork in Buildings
Butcher, David Leighterton's Belfry
Butt, Lynne Lightning Protection for Historic Buildings
Buxbaum, Tim Pargeting
Cadie, Rebecca Battling the Elements - Church Roof Repairs West of Scotland
Cambray, Toby Sustainable Waste Water Systems
Cambray, Toby Assessing Thermal Performance
Camuffo, Dario Fabric-friendly Heating
Cantell, Timothy The Building Decayeth
Carey, Janice The Treatment of Dry Rot In Historic Buildings
Carey, Peter Reviving the Cross Bath
Caroe, Oliver Commission by Competition: Ripon Cathedral’s New Gargoyles
Casey, Shane Tiled Murals
Castleman, Jonathan Sand Cast Lead
Chakraborti, Manish The Historic Anglican Churches of Kolkata
Challis, Mark Enabling Development
Channer, Jill The Fountain Society Awards
Channon, David Bird Damage to Historic Buildings
Chartres, Richard Church Buildings and the Community
Child, Robert Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moths
Clare, Stephen Historic Leaded Lights
Clare, Stephen Holy Trinity: Cathedral of the Arts & Crafts
Clark, Becky Seeking a Sustainable Future
Clark, Bruce Windows and Heat-loss
Clark, Kate Conservation Plans: Benefit or Burden?
Clark, Spencer Digital Churches: Enhancing the Visitor Experience
Clarke, Derek Buildings on Clay
Clement, Peter Metal Windows
Clifford, Ronnie Maintaining Large Fibrous Plaster Ceilings
Cligman, Judy The Townscape Heritage Initiative
Coath, Jamie Sandstone Conservation and Repair
Coleman, Peter Funding Cathedrals
Collison-Owen, Victoria Church Redundancy: Lessons from Scotland
Colston, Belinda Science and Conservation
Constantinedes, Ian Exterior Stucco
Constantinedes, Ian Masonry Cleaning: Nebulous Spray
Constantinedes, Ian Traditional Lime Plaster
Coombey, Wendy Pods and Pews: Extending the Use of
Cooper, Martin Recent Developments in Laser Cleaning
Cooper, Trevor The Future of England's Rural Parish Churches
Coote, Fred The Ins and Outs of Weathering to Walls
Coote, Fred Repairs to Lead Sheet Roofing and Flashings
Coote, Fred Underside Condensation and Corrosion of Lead Sheet Roofs
Copeman, Michael Signs and Signage in the Historic Environment
Copsey, Nigel Earth Mortars
Copsey, Nigel Hot Limewashes and Sheltercoats
Cornell, Jim Conserving Railway Heritage
Coulson, Malcolm Stone Replacement
Cowley, Page Landmark Designation and the Churches of New York
Cox, Dennis The Conservation of Alabaster
Coxcoon, Rachel The Easy Wins: a Strategic Approach to Improving Energy Efficiency in Traditional Homes
Coxen Warr, Alexandra Brussels and Beyond: The Conservators' Guide to European Institutions
Cragg, Abigail Sash Window Repair
Crampin, Martin Medieval Stained Glass in North Wales
Crawley, Tim The Beasts of Bloomsbury
Croft, Paul Lincrusta-Walton
Crofts, Sara Church Wardens and Church Fabric
Crofts, Sara Environmental Performance: Assessing the Impact of Heritage Projects on Building Environment
Cullen, Rory On Guardianship
Cullen, Rory Two Follies of the National Trust
Curl, James Stevens Perfected by the Hand of Taste: Funerary Monuments at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh
Curl, James Stevens Perfected by the Hand of Taste: Funerary Monuments at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh
Cursham, Harry Home and Dry: Developing a Non-hydraulic setting air lime for the Insulation and Repair of Traditional Buildings
Curteis, Tobit Environmental Performance: Assessing the Impact of Heritage Projects on Building Environment
Curteis, Tobit Protective Glazing
Daniel, Christopher Sundials
Daniels, Chris Exterior Masonry Cleaning
Darlington, John To Restore or Not to Restore?
Daunton, Claire Remembrance and Remonstrance: A Fenland Church
Davey, Ali Maintaining and Repairing Coatings on Cast Iron Structures
Davies, Claire Matching Mortars for Pointing
Davies, Gareth Vapour Permeable Paint
Davies, Jane Trompe l'Oeil Marble: History and Conservation of 19th-century Marbling
Davies, Kevin Cathodic Protection of Iron and Steel
Davies, Kevin Repair and Conservation of Reinforced Concrete
Davies, Michael Design in the Historic Environment
Davies, Michael New Life for Old Ruins
Davies, Michael Shades of Grey: Conservation Policy and Legislation
Davies, Richard Wooden Churches of the Russian North
Davis, Colin Cobbles, Setts and Historic Townscape
Davis, Colin Streetscape
Demaus, Robert Non-destructive Investigations
Demaus, Robert Insulation in Timber-Framed Buildings
Demaus, Robert Precision Treatment of Death Watch Beetle Attack
Demaus, Robert Remote Aerial Survey: Enter the Drone
Dimes, Francis G Building Stones of the United Kingdom
Dix, Brian Archaeology and Garden Reconstruction
Dodgeon, Charlotte Intangible Heritage
Doggett, Nicholas Listed Building Consent
Doig, Allan Sacred Space: Liturgy and Architecture at Durham Cathedral
Dove, Simon Exterior Lighting Design
Downing, Francis Conserving and Restoring Church Hatchments
Downing, Francis Time and the Conservation of Paintings
Drury, Paul Conservation: An Evolving Concept
Drury, Paul The Role of International Organisations
Dungavell, Ian Saving a Century
Dungavell, Ian Saving Our Historic Primary Schools
Durbin, Lesley Tile Work of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Durbin, Lesley Victorian and Early 20th-century Tile Schemes
Dutton, Andrew Bell Frames and Bell Towers
Dykes, Janine Collyweston Roofs
Edwards, Andrew The Urban Church
Edwards, Bob Barns: Use, Reuse and Misconceptions
Edwards, John Sustainability Standards and Regulations
Edwards, John Changing Climates
Elliott, Stephen The Lost Gardens of Barnsley
Ellis, Christopher Lichens in the Attic
Ellis, Peter The Analysis of Mortar: The Past 20 years
Ellis, Peter Gauging Lime Mortars
Ellis, Richard Security and Historic Buildings
Ellison, Rebecca The Effects of Daylight
Emery, Steve Sprinkler Systems: Water Based Fire Suppression
England, Clive Applying for Listed Building Consent
Evans, Diana Solar Photovoltaics and Historic Places of Worship
Evans, Diana The Taylor Review
Fairchild, Jamie Abrasive Cleaning Methods for Masonry
Fairchild, Jamie Can Masonry Cleaning Ever Be Considered Truly Safe?
Fairclough, Alex Ecclesiastical Law and the Church of England
Fairclough, Alex The Human Rights Act 1998
Farrell, David Cathodic Protection of Iron and Steel
Farrell, David Concrete Repairs: Traditional Methods and Like-for-like Materials
Farrell, David Repair and Conservation of Reinforced Concrete
Fathers, Rod Floor Spring Door Closers
Fenn, Jeremy Building Preservation Trusts: Funding and Support
Fenton, Justin When Old is New - Fire Damage and Reconstruction
Fewins, Clive Thatch in the 21st Century
Field, David Lead Fixing for Historic Ironwork
Figueiredo, Cristiano Hydraulic Lime Production, Coming Full Cirlcle?
Fillary, Terry Cast Lead Ornament
Finn, Timothy Trust Funding
Fitzsimons, Peter Glass Painting Techniques in an Historical Context
Floyd, Tim Damp Movement in Rubble Walls
Forbes, Iain Fire Suppression in Historic Buildings
Forecast, Andrew Intumescent Products
Forrest, Richard Strategic Fire Protection in Historic Buildings
Forrest, Tuomi Joshua Historic Church Preservation in the US
Foster, Sally Carved Stones: Perspectives from Iona Abbey on Values and Significance
Fox, Felicity Notre Dame: the Need for Better Fire Protection Strategies
Fox, Felicity Urnes and Norway's Stave Church Preservation Programme
Freeman, Jennifer Catholic Chapels in the Georgian Era
Frew, Craig Lime Harling
Frew, Craig Pointing with Lime
Fryer, Fritz Antique Light
Fulford, Matt Reaching the Target
Gaches, Philip Apethorpe Hall's Jacobean Ceilings
Gardner, Roger Let There Be Light
Garrod, Elizabeth Stone Consolidation
Gaspar, Pedro The Altar of Sacrifice, Tostock
Gerrish, Sarah Architectural Joinery: The Challenge of St Vincent Street
Gibbon, David Fire Suppression in Historic Buildings
Gibbons, Pat Pozzolans for Lime Mortars
Gibbs, Peter The Preservation of Terracotta Buildings
Gibby, Mary The Benmore Fernery
Gibson, Frederick St John the Evangelist, Shobdon: A Conservation Case Study
Giles, Kate The Use of Virtual Models of Historic Churches
Glanville, Alex The View from the Church in Wales
Glenn, John Box and Yew Topiary
Glenn, John Working Together
Glockling, Jim Thatch Fires and the Role of Wood-burning Stoves
Gold, John After the Games: Olympic Architectural Heritage
Gold, Margaret After the Games: Olympic Architectural Heritage
Golden, F J The Landfill Tax Environmental Credit Scheme
Goode, Jonathan Copper Sheet Roofing
Gordon, Stephen Graffiti on Historic Surfaces
Gordon Bowe, Nicola The Tower of Glass: An Túr Gloine and the Early 20th-century Stained Glass Revival in Ireland
Gough, Terry Exotic Gardens: The Restoration of the William and Mary's Lower Orangery Garden
Grant, Colin The Treatment of Dry Rot In Historic Buildings
Grant, Robert Conservation and Design: Two Historic Garden Case Studies
Green, Edward Article 4 Directions
Green, Edward Bridge Chapels
Green, Edward Dr Hook's Missing Churches
Green, Edward George Whitefield at Kingswood
Green, Edward Granaries
Green, Edward Hegemony and Dissent in an Industrial Lancashire Town: Nonconformity in 19th-century Ashton-under-Lyne
Green, Edward Stone Crosses
Greenaway, Emily Funding in Parish Churches
Greener, Ben Learning from Churches
Greenhow, Ingrid Quaker Meeting Houses in Britain
Greenough, Jonathan Repairing Clay-tiled and Slated Roofs
Griffiths, Hannah Heating National Trust Properties
Gulliver, Simon NCCPG: The National Plant Collection Scheme
Gunnell, Kelly Conserving Bats and Buildings: A Natural Synergy
Gunner, Kate After the Fire
Gunthorpe, Kate Building Traditional Skills
Gutowski, Norman Adhesives for the Conservation of Fine Furniture
Gwynn, Dominic The Restoration of the 1829 Organ at St James', Bermondsey
Gwynn, Dominic Survivors and Exiles: Historic British Organs as Cultural Heritage
Hall, Brian The South Oculus, Canterbury Cathedral
Hall, Diana The Manufacture of Replica Inlaid Medieval Floor Tiles
Hall, Jeff Value Added Tax: Implications for Historic Buildings
Hall, Linda J Early Casement Window Fittings
Hall, Linda J Early and Vernacular Door Fittings
Hall, Linda J Porch Gates
Hall, Linda J Shutters
Hall, Martin Grinling Gibbons at Trinity College Chapel, Oxford
Halsey, Richard Interpreting Medieval Corbel Sculpture
Halsey, Richard Sacred or Secular: The Use of the Nave in Medieval Parish Churches
Hammerson, Michael Conservation Areas and Why They're Important
Handforth, Steven Guidance on Matching Terracotta
Hanna, Seamus The Construction Skills Certification Scheme and the Built Heritage Sector
Harden, Rachel Shrinking the Footprint
Harding, Paul The Limits of Lime: Repointing a Damp Church Tower in the Hebrides
Harris, Andrew The Management of Bats in Churches
Harris, Richard The Archaeology of Timber-framed Buildings
Harris, Rupert Conserving Outdoor Metal Sculpture
Harrison, David Dramatic Plasterwork: Fibrous Plaster in Theatres
Harrison, David Scagliola
Hart, Stephen Round Tower Churches
Harwood, Elain Brave New Churches: The Use of Reinforced Concrete in Early 20th-century Churches
Hawkes, Harriet Papier Mâché
Haynes, Nick A Spiritual Enterprise: Douglas Strachan's Stained Glass in the Memorial Chapel, University of Glasgow
Hazeldean, Peter Structural Glass for Historic Churches
Heath, Eric Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation: in Traditional Building Retrofit
Heath, Eric Trees and the Historic Environment
Hedderman, Eamon Church and State in the Republic of Ireland
Hempstock, Steve Lead Gutters: Common Defects
Henry, Alison Hydraulic Lime Production, Coming Full Cirlcle?
Henry, Alison Thatch Fires and the Role of Wood-burning Stoves
Hickman, Clare Taking the Plunge: 18th-century Bath Houses and Plunge Pools
Hill, Jarrod The Chimneys of Lavington Manor
Hinchliffe, Michael The Garrison Chapel Windows
Hindson, Toby Historic Churchyard Yews
Hines, Mark Conservation in the Age of Sustainability
Hirst, Elizabeth Limewash and Distempers
Hoath, John Rebuilding a Church Spire
Hoath, John Repairing Historic Roof Timbers
Holden, Paul Fire Control Measures at Lanhydrock
Holden, Peter Roch Castle: A Study in Significance
Holder, Julian The Concept of Character in Historic Buildings
Holmes, Stafford Hydraulic Lime Production, Coming Full Cirlcle?
Hooper, Nikita Two Follies of the National Trust
Howell, Kevin Gilding
Howell, Kevin Victorian and Edwardian Stencilled Decoration
Hughes, Nigel Tenders for Conservation Work
Hughes, Terry Detailing and Conservation of Vernacular Slate and Stone Roofs
Hughes, Terry Patent Slating
Hughes, Terry Sourcing Roofing Slates
Hughes, Terry Sourcing Stone
Hughes, Terry Testing Roofing Slates
Hughes-Edwards, Mari Solitude and Sociability: The World of the Medieval Anchorite
Humble, Liz Commission by Competition: Ripon Cathedral’s New Gargoyles
Humble, Liz Conservation and Heritage Statements
Hume, Ian Masonry Structures: Structural Investigation and Assessment
Hume, Ian Scaffolding and Temporary Works for Historic Buildings
Humphries, Dan Stained Glass and its Environment
Humphries, Lynne Exterior Stucco
Humphries, Lynne In the Footsteps of AR Powys
Humphries, Lynne Masonry Cleaning: Nebulous Spray
Hunnisett-Snow, Jessica Thatch in Scotland
Hunns, Victoria Heritage Protection in the Countryside
Hunns, Victoria Townscape Heritage and Heritage-led Regeneration
Huntingford, Geoff How to Get a Building Listed
Huntingford, Geoff Introducing PPS5: Planning for the Historic Environment
Hutton, Tim After the Fire
Hutton, Tim Bird and Bat Guano and its Effect on Conservation and Maintenance
Hutton, Tim Environmental Problems
Hutton, Tim Flood Damage in Historic Buildings
Hutton, Tim Rising Damp
Hutton, Tim Toxic Residues from Timber Treatment
Hutton, Tim Woodworm
Hyslop, Ewan Rock of Ages
Inge, John Sacred Space and Community
Inkpen, Rob Atmospheric Pollution, Climate Change and Historic Buildings
Insall, Donald Traffic versus Towns
Ireland, Richard Cleaning Decorative Plaster
Ireland, Richard Conserving Decorative Plaster
Jackman, Peter Fire Resistance of Historic Fabric
Jackman, Peter The Sleeping Policeman: The Role of Compartmentation in Fire Protection
Jameson, Robert Glasshouses: History and Conservation of Victorian and Edwardian Greenhouses and Cold Frames
Jenkins, Moses Brick Matching
Jenkins, Moses Repairing Scottish Slate Roofs
Johns, Colin Heritage Lottery Fund Applications
Johnson, Henry The Traditional British Orchard
Johnson, Ros NCCPG: The National Plant Collection Scheme
Jones, Craig Environmental Impacts: Restore or Replace?
Jones, Peter Trena Cox: Emergence of a Stained Glass Artist
Jordan, Diane Thatched Roofs: An Introduction
Jubb, Lynda Building Pathology: Established and Emerging Technologies
Kaczmar, Peter The Case for Microporosity
Kaczmar, Peter Linseed Oil Paints and Mastics: Applications and Limitations
Kadish, Sharman Are Britain's Synagogues at Risk?
Kampani, Kalypso Mosaic Conservation at the Royal Garrison Church of St George
Kaszewski, Lucy Wall Paintings and Environment
Kay, William Restoring the Magic to Law's Close, Kirkcaldy
Kelsall, Frank Dating Old Buildings
Kent, Douglas Conservative Repair
Kent, Douglas Rain Penetration
Kent, Robin Access to Historic Church Buildings
Kent, Robin Disability Access Provisions
Kent, Robin The Maintenance and Preservation of Ruined Monuments
Kent, Robin Scheduled Monument Consent
Kidd, Stewart Security for Heritage Buildings
King, Iain When Old is New - Fire Damage and Reconstruction
King, Peter Roof Lighting
Kirk, Ben Paint Removal from Historic Timbers
Kirk, Bruce Advances in LED Lighting
Kirk, Bruce Conservation Principles for Wiring Lighting Systems
Kirk, Bruce Guiding Lights
Knight, David Funding in Parish Churches
Knight, David MOTs for Organs
Koumbouzis, Michael Scagliola Restoration
La Pensée, Annemarie Non-contact Recording and Replication of Cultural Heritage
Lack, William Monumental Brasses
Laidlaw, Ros Historic Parks and Gardens in Wales: Protection, Legislation and the Role of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust
Lamb, Alan Historic Carved Joinery: The Conservation and Repair of Historic Timber Carvings
Lausen-Higgins, Johanna A Taste for the Exotic: Pineapple Cultivation in Britain
Lawrence, Angus Marble Sculpture: The Conservation Consolidation and Repair of External Marble Statuary and Ornament
Lawrence, Emma Fitting In: New Design in Urban Conservation Areas
Lee, Melvyn Turret Clocks
Legge, Adrian Lead Fixing for Historic Ironwork
Leigh, Judith The Puzzle of St Mary's, Hale, Hampshire
Leigh, Judith Worcester Cathedral Undercroft
Lennie, Lindsay Early 20th-century Shops
Letts, John Thatching with 'Long Straw'
Limentani, Julian The Fire at Peterborough Cathedral
Lithgow, Richard The Wall Paintings of West Walton
Litten, Julian Ledger Stones
Little, Rebecca Earth Mortars
Livesey, Jon Protecting Lead Roofs from Theft
Livesey, Paul Hydraulicity
Lloyd, Catherine Kirkyard Heritage: Graveyard Conservation in Scotland
Lott, Graham Rock of Ages
Lott, Graham The Sands of Time: Britain's Building Sandstones
Lott, Graham The Search for Stone
Lott, Graham Shining Stones: Britain's Native 'Marbles'
Love, Richard Dry Stone Walling in the 21st Century
Lovie, Jonathan Conservation of Historic Designed Landscapes and the English Planning System
Lowe, Antony The Cathedral Works Yard
Luard, David Timber Carving
Luckham, David New Carpets for Historic Interiors
Lumby, Steve VAT or No VAT?
Luxford, Naomi Protective Glazing
Lynch, Gerard Brickwork: Historic Development, Decay, Conservation and Repair
Lynch, Gerard Joint Finishes on Historic Brickwork
Lynch, Gerard The Myth in the Mix: The 1:3 Ratio of Lime to Sand
Lynch, Gerard Tudor Brickwork
Lynch, Gerard Brickwork
MacCullagh, Richard Extending Listed Buildings: Principles and Practice
MacKechnie-Jarvis, Jonathan Making the Most of Quinquennials
MaClean, John The Treatment of Historic Carpets
MacQueen, Rosemarie Government Planning Policy and the Historic Interior
Maddison, Richard Safe Access and the Maintenance of Historic Buildings
Mail, Michael Europe's Jewish Architectural Heriage
Makri, Eleni Iron Railings
Makri, Eleni Restoring Queens Road, Peckham
Makri, Eleni The Thermal Upgrading of Historic Fenestration
Makri, Eleni Wrought Iron and Steel Windows
Makri, Eleni Stone Supply and the Planning System
Male, Anthony Church and Community
Manners, Jane Saving Oldham's War Memorial
Manning, David The Living Churchyard
Mapes, Phillipa Historic Wallpaper Conservation
Marsh, Christopher Flood Damage in Historic Buildings
Martin, Daniel Holy Trinity: Cathedral of the Arts & Crafts
Martin, Judith Cockrill-Doulton Patent Tiles
Mascall, Roger The Heritage Protection Bill
Masinton, Anthony The Use of Virtual Models of Historic Churches
Masterton, Iain VAT and Heritage Trusts
Maxwell, Ingval Stone Cleaning
May, Neil Clay Plasters
Maybank, Geoff Damp below Ground
Maybank, Geoff Traditional Brickwork
McCaig, Iain Cathodic Protection of Iron and Steel
McCaig, Iain Condensation in Historic Roofs
McCaig, Iain Retrofit in Heritage Buildings: Understanding the Risks
McDermott, Allyson Wallpapers in the Historic Interior
McDonald, David People in Glass Houses ...
McIntyre, Lisa Funding in Parish Churches
McLaughlin, Neil Intervention and Evolution at Emmanuel Church, West Hampstead
McNeish, Colin Old Churches, New Beginnings
Meehan, Peter Historic Railings
Meek, James Roch Castle: A Study in Significance
Meeson, Greg The Cutting Edge
Messenger, Peter Repairing Clay Buildings and Cumbria's Clay Dabbins
Metcalfe-Gibson, Jemma Rural Churches in Cumbria
Miller, Alexandra All that Glitters
Miller, James Laser Scanning: Surveying, Recording and Monitoring Historic Buildings
Minter, John Underfloor Heating
Mitchell, David Ornamental Cast Iron
Mitchell-Rose, Colin Braving the Elements: Painting Outdoor Wood and Metal
Mitchell-Rose, Colin Paint, Wood and Weather
Mitchell-Rose, Colin Traditional Paints
Moffat, Hannah Catholic Chapels in the Georgian Era
Monckton, Linda Quaker Meeting Houses in Britain
Morley, Rachel St Philip's Chapel, Caerdeon
Morrice, Richard The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act
Morrice, Richard Protection: Ecclesiastical Exemption in England
Morse, James Low Carbon Lighting of Cathedrals
Moreton, Frances The Conservation of War Memorial Inscriptions
Morton, Ed Timber Roof Structures and their Assessment
Morton, Tom Earth Mortars
Mullee, Matthew Insuring your Historic Building during Repairs and Alterations
Murray, Will Church Brasswork
Mynors, Charles Duty of Care
Mynors, Charles Unauthorised Works
Nelson, Rod Wood From Well-managed Forests
Newman, Ben A Nanolime Case Study: The City of London Cemetery entrance screen
Nicholls, Ruth Flooding: Risk and Remediation
Nicholson, Tim 19th Century Timber Frame Revival Buildings
Nicholson, Tim Corrugated Iron Architecture
Nugent, Robin The Reuse of Industrial Buildings
Nugent, Ruth Burials in Churches
Odgers, David Cleaning St Paul's: Conservation Technology and Practice
Odgers, David Steam Cleaning
O'Hare, Graham Lime Mortars and Renders: The Relative Merits of Adding Cement
Oestreicher, Lisa The Archaeology of Decoration
Oestreicher, Lisa Imitation Timber Graining in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Oestreicher, Lisa Seeing the Past in Colour
Organ, Tom Reviving a Lost Art: Reconstructing Medieval Wall Paintings at St Teilo's
Owen, Gruff Saving Places of Worship in Wales
Oxley, Richard The Need for Roofs to Breathe
Parkinson, David Protecting Your Church from Vandals
Parsons, Mark Interior Decoration and Permeability
Passey, Howard The Sleeping Policeman: The Role of Compartmentation in Fire Protection
Payne, Becky Shared Space: Extending the Use of Churches in Oxfordshire
Payne, Mike VAT: The Curse of Building Conservation Classes
Pearce, Michael Saving Time: A Review of the Conservation Movement in Britain in the 20th Century
Pearson, Adrian Stanley Park and the Gladstone Conservatory, Liverpool
Pender, Robyn Protective Glazing
Pender, Robyn Water in Permeable Building Materials
Perry, Mark The Wall Paintings of West Walton
Petersen, Erika Diaz The Lost Gardens of Barnsley
Pettit, Ashley Conservation at the Seaside
Phenix, Alan Solvent Abuse: The Safe Use of Solvents in Cleaning
Phillips, Michael Light: The Medium of Vision
Phoenix, Graham Lighting in the Townscape
Pike, Chris Sound Insulation in Historic Buildings
Pinniger, David Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moths
Pinniger, David Ragged Edge: Insect Pests of Textiles
Podmaniczky, Mike Antique Furniture and the Impact of its Environment
Potts, Julian VAT and Historic Buildings
Pritchett, Ian Wattle and Daub
Proudfoot, Trevor Decorative Lime Plaster
Quantrill, Keith Thatching with 'Long Straw'
Quarme, Giles Quinquennial Reports
Ratcliffe, Tim Internal Lime Plastering
Ratcliffe, Tim The Use of Gypsum Plaster
Rawson, Caroline Rewiring 'A Temple to High Victorian Technology'
Reading, Malcolm Architectural Competitions
Redman, Tony Clay-tiled Roofs
Redman, Tony Metal Sheet Roofing
Reed, Vincent Cleaning and Restoring Fine Architectural Joinery
Reeder, Kate Freemasonry and the Masonic Hall at Beamish
Reynolds, Chris The Conservation of War Memorial Inscriptions
Richards, Una Fire Suppression in National Trust for Scotland Properties
Richardson, Clive An Iron Will
Richardson, Clive The Philosophy of Underpinning
Richardson, Clive Structural Movement: Is it Really a Problem?
Rickards, Stephen Vertical Tile Hanging
Rickerby, Stephen Earthen art
Ridout, Brian Condensation in Historic Roofs
Ridout, Brian Insect Damage to Timber
Roberts, Brian 19th-century Radiators and Heating Systems
Roberts, Lorna David Evans: The Forgotten Pioneer
Robinson, Rob Material Assets
Rodwell, Dennis Heritage and Sustainability
Rolfe, Robin NVQs in Building Conservation Management, Control and Consultancy
Rosa, Roberto The Use of Adhesives in Stained Glass Restoration
Root, Jane Paving the Way: Hard Landscaping in the Gardens of 18th Century Bath
Rowntree, Joe The Paxton Pavilions
Rowsell, Diana Yagisuki Charred Timber: an Ancient Technique in New Hands
Rumley, Peter Church Leadwork
Rumley, Peter The Conservation of Historic Timber Bell Frames
Rumley, Peter Medieval Mass Dials Decoded
Russell, Paul Timber Framed Buildings and Roofs
Russell, Robin Cobble Repairs
Russell, Robin Structural Timber Repairs
Rutherford, Lucy The Forgotten Necropolis: The Treasures of Bath Abbey Cemetery
Rye, Caroline Internally Insulated Solid Walls: the SPAB Building Performance Survey
Sanders, Marjorie Thatch Fires
Sangster, Laura Conservation Areas and Why They're Important
Saunders, Matthew Fifty Years of the Friends of Friendless Churches
Saunders, Matthew New Work in Historic Churches
Schärer, Ned Limework at St Cwyfan's Church-in-the-sea, Anglesey
Schmitz, Sarah Return to Grandeur: Interior Conservation at Tyntesfield
Schmitz, Sarah Rewiring 'A Temple to High Victorian Technology'
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Shekede, Lisa Earth art
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Silverwood, Judith Techniques for Matching Historic Stone Finishes
Simons, Edmund Fireplaces, Stoves and Chimneys
Simons, Paul Timber Crosses
Simpson, James The Anatomy of Theory
Simpson, James The Conservation of Britain's Heritage in India
Sims, Terry Cast Iron
Sims, Terry Cold Metal Stitching of Historic Metalwork
Sinclair, Ben Plain Glazing
Singh, Jagjit Environmental Monitoring and Control: Timber Decay
Singh, Jagjit Environmental Monitoring
Sitwell, Christine Two Follies of the National Trust
Smethurst, Joel Buildings on Clay
Smith, David Shining Stones: Britain's Native 'Marbles'
Smith, Jim Street Trees in Historic Town Centres
Soden, Ian The Archaeology of Burial Sites
Squire, Nadine Grave Risk
Stacey, Francis Trompe l'Oeil Marble: History and Conservation of 19th-century Marbling
Stanbridge, Rory Photogrammetry
Stanford, Caroline Saving The Grange
Stevenson, Neil Early Joinery
Stewart, Ian Repairing the Nave Clerestory at Rochester Cathedral
Stewart, Lucy Professional Accreditation in Building Conservation
Stocking, Richard Procurement of Specialist Services
Stott, Jeff Assessing Timber-framed Structures
Stott, Jeff Stiffness in Timber Floors and Ceilings
Strachey, Sally Churchyard Monuments
Strachey, Sally Church Monuments and their Environment
Strachey, Sally Lime Technology in the 21st Century
Streeter, Kate Maintenance Cooperatives
Strobl, Sebastian Lead in Stained Glass
Suff, Steve Wrought Ironwork
Sumner, Neil Saving Places of Worship in Wales
Sutch, Richard Insurance for Historic Buildings
Sutton Vane, Mark Church Lighting
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Switsur, Roy Dating Technology
Sycamore, Rachel Church Chests
Tavendale, Robert Home Buyers' Essentials
Taylor, Hilary The Lost Gardens of Barnsley
Taylor, Jonathan Access for the Disabled
Taylor, Jonathan The Appointment of Professionals for Quinquennial Inspections
Taylor, Jonathan Bathroom Fittings for Historic Houses
Taylor, Jonathan Brick Arches: Window Head Details in Exterior Brick Walls
Taylor, Jonathan Buildings at Risk and the Use of Compulsory Purchase Orders
Taylor Jonathan Church Tourism
Taylor, Jonathan Churchyard Chest Tombs
Taylor, Jonathan Conservation Consent
Taylor, Jonathan The Conservation and Thermal Improvement of Timber Windows
Taylor, Jonathan Criminal Damage
Taylor, Jonathan Cutty Sark
Taylor, Jonathan Dendrochronology in Dating Timber Framed Buildings and Structures
Taylor, Jonathan Edwardian Pebbledash and Roughcast
Taylor, Jonathan EPC's at Clovelly
Taylor, Jonathan The Final Sanction: A Case Study, Sker House
Taylor, Jonathan Finding Skilled Craftspeople
Taylor, Jonathan Fire! Fire!
Taylor, Jonathan Garden Registers
Taylor, Jonathan The George Inn: The Conservation and Regeneration of a 15th-century Inn
Taylor, Jonathan Georgian and Victorian Street Lighting
Taylor, Jonathan Going with the Grain: Wood Graining and Other Paint Effects
Taylor, Jonathan In Trust
Taylor, Jonathan Historic Interiors and Heritage Protection
Taylor, Jonathan Legislation Overview
Taylor, Jonathan Lest We Forget: Stained Glass Memorial Windows of the Great War
Taylor, Jonathan Light Fittings in Georgian and Early Victorian Interiors
Taylor, Jonathan Lighting in the Victorian Home
Taylor, Jonathan Lime: The Basics
Taylor, Jonathan Listed Building Protection
Taylor, Jonathan The Maintenance of Garden Walls: A Practical Introduction
Taylor, Jonathan Nails and Wood Screws
Taylor, Jonathan The National Heritage Bodies
Taylor, Jonathan The Neues Museum
Taylor, Jonathan A New Approach to Skills Training
Taylor, Jonathan Notre Dame: the Need for Better Fire Protection Strategies
Taylor, Jonathan Nuts and Bolts: An Introduction to Conservation and Repairs
Taylor, Jonathan Radical Retrofit: at Trinity College, Cambridge
Taylor, Jonathan Rainwater
Taylor, Jonathan Reducing the Risk of Thatch Fires
Taylor, Jonathan Retail Detail
Taylor, Jonathan Roof Insulation and Ventilation
Taylor, Jonathan Sandstones and Limestones
Taylor, Jonathan Secondary Glazing
Taylor, Jonathan Site Protection
Taylor, Jonathan Survey Access
Taylor, Jonathan Teatime and Toilets
Taylor, Jonathan Ten Ways to Ruin an Old Building
Taylor, Jonathan Tools of the Trade
Taylor, Jonathan Training for the Future with the HLF
Taylor, Jonathan Victorian and Edwardian Terracotta Buildings
Taylor, Jonathan What is Lime?
Taylor, Jonathan Wrought Ironwork
Taylor, Jonathan Listed Building Consents
Taylor, Jonathan Karl Parsons
Taylor, Russell Chimneys and Flues
Taylor, Russell Stone Cantilevered Stairs
Tesh, Gillian Traditional Solid Ground Floors
Tetley, Heather 18th-century British Floor Coverings
Thickins, Carol Infill Panels
Thomas, Phil John Coates Carter: Building a Sense of Place
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Tooze, Jessica Church Art
Topp, Chris Heritage Ironwork Training
Topp, Chris Wrought Iron and Conservation
Torney, Clare Lime Mortars for High Exposure Levels
Townsend, Catherine The Altar of Sacrifice, Tostock
Townsend, Lisa The Conservation of Banners at St Andrew's Church, Grafham
Trace, Paul A Cast Iron Solution: Rainwater Systems
Tracy, Charles Informing the Re-ordering Debate
Tracy, Charles Medieval English Pulpits
Trevor-Jones, David Construction Vibration
Troup, Elaine Maintaining and Repairing Coatings on Cast Iron Structures
Tulasiewicz, Eddie Community Grants: The National Churches Trust in Action
Tulasiewicz, Eddie The Yorkshire Maintenance Project
van der Meulen, Marcus Brass Eagle Lecterns in England
Viles, Heather Salt Crystallisation in Masonry
Walker, Edward Hydraulicity Revisited
Walker, Edward Hydraulicity Revisited
Wallace, Cathy Managing the Impact of Bats in Churches
Wallis, Geoffrey The Reconstruction of Coombe Cliffe Conservatory
Ward, Stephen Standing up to Terrorism
Watrobski, Adam Encaustic Tiles at the Palace of Westminster
Watt, David Bird and Bat Guano and its Effect on Conservation and Maintenance
Watt, David Managing Biological Growth on Buildings
Watt, David Science and Conservation
Watts, Paul Traditional Solid Ground Floors
Weir, Ian Saving Face
Weldon, Jasper Parquetry Floors
Weldon, Jasper Timber Floors
West, Sebastian Trees and the Historic Environment
Westlake, Polly The Ceiling Paintings of St Mary Magdalene
Weston, Robert Historic Wallpapers: Conservation and Replacement
Wheatley, Sean Repairing Lime Plaster Ceilings
Wheeler, Richard A Welsh Treasure: The Medieval Rood Screen and Rood Loft at Llananno
White, Jenifer Saving Cemeteries
Whitworth, Alan Visitors Welcome! Tourism and Places of Worship
Wiggins, David Masonry Bridges and the Importance of Lime
Wijeratne, Pali After the Tsunami: The Impact of the Indian Ocean Tsunami on Sri Lanka’s Cultural Heritage
Williams, Gerry Flint and the Conservation of Flint Buildings
Williamson, Amy Historic Timber Staircases
Wilson, Edmund How Green is Your Theatre?
Wilson, Jane The Management of Historic Parks and Gardens
Wilson, John Painting Railings
Wilson, Peter Timber for Repairs
Wood, Chris Concrete Repairs: Traditional Methods and Like-for-like Materials
Wood, Chris Grouting Solid Masonry Walls
Wood, Chris Thermal Performance of Historic Windows
Wood, Jason Conservation and the Role of the Archaeologist
Wood, Jason Record Making
Wood, Roger Value Added Tax: Implications for Historic Buildings
Woods, Mark Pond Plants and Wildlife
Woolfitt, Catherine Decorative Masonry Repairs
Woolfitt, Catherine Portland Stone Facades
Woolfitt, Catherine Poultices
Woolfitt, Catherine Soluble Salts in Masonry
Woolfitt, Catherine Graffiti in Context
Woolley, Richard Counting the Cost
Wozencroft, Chris Cathodic Protection of Steel-Framed Buildings
Wright, Robin F Emergency Lighting
Wright, Robin F New Wires for Old
Wright, Russell Roof Ventilation
Wrightson, David Sash Windows: Painting and Draught-proofing
Yahr, Rebecca Lichens in the Attic
Yates, Tim British and European Standards for Heritage and Conservation
Yates, Tim Solid-wall Construction: Measuring and Improving Thermal Performance
Yeomans, David Strength Grading Historic Timbers
Young, Maureen Thermal Imaging in the Investigation of Solid Masonry Structures
Young, Nigel The Restoration of the Bear Garden, Royal Courts of Justice